List of Products          Exporters of fibre tip pens,            rubber diaphragms,          pen arms,         recorders,      plotter pens,      print wheels,     pad wheel.
We manufacture following products.

1. Fibre Tip Pens
Nib length 3mm to 21mm as per recorder & without interference with   each other, when   all 3 to 6 pens used on one recorder. More than   600 varieties available in different shapes, sizes & ink.

2. Print Wheel / Pad Wheels
More than 50 varieties available in 6 different colours.

3.Ink Capsules
Suitable for various recorders. More then 100 varieties of ink reservoir for various recorders.

4.Pen Holders/ Pen arms
From Stainless Steel Material for various recorders.

circular / strip / fanfold / rectangular / thermal / etc. on special most suitable paper
for slow recording without spreading of Ink & fast drying on paper.

6.Rubber Diaphragms
0.15mm to 3 mm thickness of elastomers, reinforced with special   woven fabrics with diameter ranging from 15mm to 300mm.

7.Chart drive Motors (electrical & mechanical)
suitable for circular charts/strips charts in different voltage 110/220, diff speed 7 days / rev to 4 rev .per hr etc . 2 wire motor. The Mechanical Clock is available in 1 day revolution / 7 days revolution.

Special Ink - fast, medium slow & low temp. ink in 8 different colours & packing ; Priming Units; Rubber Bulbs, Capillary Tubes, & other   required spares of metal / plastics etc. (Spares & accessories can   designed and supplied as per requirement ) rubber dia  image.

9. Tool kit bag
In leather / Other materials. Suitable for engineer /technicians. Specify tool requirements.

Please let us know, your requirements with original part number make & model  number for our  quick reply.